COOP Watch Officer

Company Name:
Kingfisher Systems
Kingfisher's Intelligence and Security business line draws upon a broad range of experience providing operational, analytic, and strategic support services to a diverse group of Government customers in the Defense,Intelligence, and Special Operati ons communities. Our Intelligence and Security professionals perform all-source intelligence analysis, security and vulnerability assessments, security and screening operations, declassification, and Counterintelligence (CI) analytical and operational support services. Our intelligence and security specialists have performed critical roles in both foreign and domestic locations and on issues of national and international consequence, elevating and securing Kingfisher's reputation as a capable and trusted mission partner in the Intelligence and Security domain.

Job Requirements:

NIEMA COOP Watch Officers support the 24x7 operations of the Response Operations Center (ROC). Primary responsibilities include the compilation and preparation of daily intelligence Common Intelligence Pictures (CIP) reports, maintenance and operation of the NIEMA automated notification systems supporting IC Continuity of Government (COG), and critical support to ongoing operations during emergency and national security events.


Specific Tasks:

oWork 12 hour rotating shifts in a 24x7 Watch Operations. A normal 10 week rotation will consist of 4 weeks day shift, 1 week admin (training, on-call to fill a shift in the event a scheduled co-worker has an unplanned absence, participating in other watch operations, etc.), 4 weeks night shift, 1 week admin, repeat.
oParticipate in the development and delivery of daily intelligence and related status reports to include: Daily Press Digest; IC Health and Status charts; Common Intelligence Picture; additional Intelligence-focused products as directed by the client.
oDeliver concise and effective intelligence, critical infrastructure and consequence management briefings to senior IC executive as required, potentially under conditions of very high stress and op-tempo
oEstablish and maintain certifications and current knowledge of continuity operations, to include: FEMA Continuity Practitioner certification and continuity and intelligence watch operations.
oMonitor IC databases and various IC systems (e.g., JWICS, SIPRNET and UGOV) for important or critical information that may require after-hours notification of senior management. Maintain a log of all 12-hour shift activities including the notifications from various emergency and response agencies.
oDevelop and perform special communications-based exercises and produce post-exercise deliverables for NIEMA management and other senior leadership, to include: chronological exercise spreadsheets; creation and delivery of daily exercise material to external NIEMA clients; and production and delivery of exercise after-action reports.
oDevelop, test, and maintain standard operating procedures relative to watch functions and activities. Ensure compliance with program requirements and security guidelines. Recommend changes to standard operating procedures associated with the Response Operations Center (ROC) operations.
oPeriodically review and ensure that emergency call lists are current and up to date.
oUnderstand the operation and basic maintenance of all communications and information technology hardware, software, and firmware utilized to perform watch functions. Systems include (but are not limited to): the Washington Area Warning and Alert System (WAWAS), the DEN air response system, E-NET, the PCT, ADAPT V2, the SPURS system, non-secure and secure voice communications systems (e.g., the STE and NSTS). Responsibilities also include monitoring the Computer Equipment Room (CER) for proper temperature and humidity levels, operation of telecommunications lines and ensuring that the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system is operational.
oProficient using the capabilities of "The Communicator" Automated Notification System to include: creating and deleting individual records in the system; creating and deleting user groups; adding and removing persons from groups; initiating pre-planned and ad-hoc recall notifications to appropriate groups; producing and interpreting recall reports from the system; use of the COTS software (Communicator) to test scenarios requiring prompt notification of impending emergencies or disasters to appropriate organizations and with advice regarding response action to be taken.
oUnderstand the operation and capabilities of the client's proprietary Continuity Communications System and Video Telecommunications Conference (VTC) software and hardware. Responsibilities include: establishing outgoing VTCs with nodes on the client system; receiving incoming VTCs; routing outgoing and incoming VTCs to on-site locations; operating the client system on-line directory
oUnderstand the operation and capabilities of the client's proprietary Continuity Computer Network systems to include: accessing various systems and web-sites maintaining appropriate security controls across the spectrum of classification levels; moving data across multiple domains (e.g., agency specific networks, multiple classification domains, etc.); interfacing special capabilities of the system.


oAble to respond to the client facility for emergency operations. Watch Officers are "On call" at all times and must live not more than 1 hour drive time (normal conditions) from the designated facility.
o5 years of watch operations, intel analyst or emergency management/COOP/COG-related work
oFamiliarity with message systems, message formats, communications equipment, cryptologic equipment and keying, routers, and switches
oExperienced in the functions, processes, principles, methods and procedures used in analyzing, evaluating, and fusing information and intelligence issues
oMust be proficient with MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel
oAbility to develop and maintain contacts within the Intelligence Agencies, Military, and COOP/COG communities
oDemonstrated strong organizational, management, time-management, leadership and strategic thinking skills
oExcellent briefing and communication skills
oExceptional interpersonal skills, including an ability to use tact and diplomacy with people at all levels to get actions accomplished


oPrevious experience with FEMA missions, training, and operations
oKnowledge of the structure of the Intelligence Community (National and Defense) and division of labor among its agencies, especially the organizations with COOP/GOG responsibilities

oAble to:

work independently to expose and resolve technical problems associated with the operations of the ROC
plan and advocate new technological approaches to achieve program objectives.

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